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AFIDA is a revolutionary development providing fully automated determination of the Indicated Cetane Number (ICN) of diesel and diesel related fuels with short analysis time (~25mins/sample). System automation can be realised through auto sampler with 36 positons.

Wide sample types such as middle distillates, blend components, biodiesel, FAME, XTL, HVO, heating oil and Jet A1 can be tested. Tests are fully automated via an integral 36 position carousel and auto sampler.

A Constant Volume Combustion Chamber (CVCC) with a patented high pressure injection system help to generates fine fuel droplets which is identical to most of the diesel engines.

Piezo electric injector provides rapid switching and highly repeatable fuel metering and thus offers better performance comparing to the solenoid controlled injectors.

METHODS: ASTM D613, BS EN ISO 5165, BS 2000-41, ISO 5165, IP 41, IP 617, Pr EN 17155:2017

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