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Moving liquids in a precise and productive way is core to the work of many laboratory professionals in the life sciences industry. Since 1965, INTEGRA has been dedicated to developing solutions for pipetting and media preparation, fulfilling the needs of our customers in research, diagnostics and quality control.

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Aspiration Systems – VACUBOY

Convert any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system Successful removal of supernatants from lab containers by means of a vacuum aspiration system depends on applying the correct level of vacuum and on using an aspirator tip that matches the size and form of the container from which liquid is aspirated. In order to convert any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system, INTEGRA has come up with VACUBOY, a versatile aspiration tool for aspirating liquids from virtually every laboratory vessel.

Aspiration Systems – VACUSAFE

Vacuum systems are widely used in biological laboratories for the aspiration, collection and subsequent disposal of biological liquid waste. Typically, “do-it-yourself” systems, consisting of a vacuum flask connected via a tubing to a water-jet pump, are found in laboratories. However, these self-made systems have some significant drawbacks. Emptying the flask is tedious and messy, connected Pasteur pipettes can get broken and injure the operator and most critical, the vacuum source often gets contaminated by liquids or aerosols. As a much safer and user-friendly alternative, INTEGRA developed the VACUSAFE aspiration system. VACUSAFE is a compact, all-in-one laboratory vacuum pump, providing a safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste. For maximum safety, VACUSAFE is equipped with vacuum source protection, a shatterproof bottle and a secure stand that holds the bottle in place.

Aspiration Systems – VACUSIP

Lost among small volumes of biological liquid waste? Until now, aspiration of supernatants after centrifugation steps or removal of washing solutions from microtiter plates have been mainly accomplished by self-made systems consisting of a trap flask, a rudimentary aspiration tool and an external vacuum source. Using such self-made tools has major limitations in convenience, safety and efficiency. The different parts need to be assembled individually, the handling is cumbersome and there is a considerable risk of contaminating the house vacuum system. To eliminate these disadvantages, INTEGRA has developed VACUSIP, a portable aspiration system for convenient and affordable liquid waste disposal. It is a compact and ready-to-use vacuum aspiration system with an integrated silent vacuum pump for the aspiration of small volumes of liquids. With VACUSIP you no longer have to worry about tedious handling or the risk of contaminating your house vacuum system.

Electronic Pipette

There is an INTEGRA electronic pipette for every lab, every application, every budget, and every person. These pipettes are all compatible with the revolutionary GRIPTIP system – pipette tips which load effortlessly, are guaranteed to never leak or fall off, and always load at the perfect height. Solving many issues of traditional manual pipetting, VIAFLO electronic pipettes excel in terms of ergonomics, ease of use and productivity. VIAFLO pipettes feature 10 preset PIPETTING PROGRAMS, for which only a few parameters such as volume and speed need to be defined. VOYAGER pipettes feature a unique motorized tip spacing, enabling parallel transfer of multiple samples between labware of different sizes and formats. The tip spacing can be changed by a simple push of a button.

MEDIACLAVE 10/30: Media sterilizer

The preparation of agar medium is a routine task in today’s laboratories. The typical workflow is to dissolve the components in a flask followed by sterilization in an autoclave. However, this procedure has several disadvantages. First, the numerous working steps makes media preparation very time-consuming. Second, the sterilization temperature is usually controlled only in one single reference container, with the result that heat exposure may differ from sample to sample. Making things worse, the agar medium within the bottles cannot be stirred during the sterilization process – which otherwise would guarantee that it stays homogeneous. Lastly, it takes very long to cool the medium to dispensing temperatures and hence is exposed to a high temperature for a long time. As a result, the fertility of the agar medium might be impaired. INTEGRA has designed a dedicated media sterilizer which eliminates these disadvantages. MEDIACLAVE allows for a much shorter process in which medium formulation and sterilization is carried out in one single step. The temperature of the agar medium is precisely monitored and controlled during the entire process. Permanent stirring guarantees homogenous temperature throughout the whole batch and an efficient plate heat exchanger facilitates rapid cooling. All these features prevent the medium from excessive heat exposure and thereby maintains its fertility.

MEDIAJET: Petri Dish Filler

When filling agar medium into Petri dishes, a sterile environment is of utmost importance. However, the risk of contaminating the agar medium if poured manually into Petri dishes should not be underestimated. Even if using a peristaltic pump, sterility might be jeopardized as dishes and tubes are manipulated by hand. In addition, filling a large number of Petri dishes manually is a painstaking process. The INTEGRA Petri dish filler helps you to avoid these drawbacks. MEDIAJET can process up to 1100 dishes in a single hour and provides truly reliable walk-away operation. Equipped with a UV lamp, the filling chamber where Petri dishes are automatically filled with agar medium, is kept free from contamination.

Pipette Controller

With over four decades of liquid handling experience and hundreds of thousands of instruments in use worldwide, INTEGRA pipette controllers have become the reference for precise and efficient serological pipetting. Our customers praise the PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller for its unmatched speed, pipetting control and ergonomics. The second generation of PIPETBOY acu pipet aid is equipped with the latest technology providing an increased pipetting speed and a significant weight reduction of the instrument. Product Highlights: 1) Autoclavable sterile module, easy to replace filter 2) LED provides information about charging status 3) Continuous preset of speed via thumb wheel 4) Sensitive control by applying various finger pressure 5) Lightweight and well-balanced

Pipetting Robots

INTEGRA has developed a family of two compact and easy to use pipetting robots, which are compatible with our Multichannel Electronic Pipettes and therefore free you from repetitive pipetting routines. Basic pipetting protocols can be set up directly on the pipette, whereas tasks that are more elaborate are easily created using the dedicated software.

WELLJET Microplate Dispenser

The cost-efficient and handy solution for rapidly dispensing reagents into microplates. Increase your sample throughput in a snap! The WELLJET dispenser and dispenser stacker are designed to offer superior user experience and flexibility for applications that require low cost, fast and precise bulk reagent dispensing. Both models use a revolutionary type of dispensing cassette (EasySnap™) which ensures low running costs and very easy handling. With their highly compact designs, both the dispenser and the dispenser stacker offer the smallest footprints for instruments of their kind, saving valuable bench space. A large, high resolution touchscreen user interface guarantees intuitive and effortless programming.

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