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Mindray, founded in 1991, is a leading global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices whose mission is to deliver high-quality, richly featured medical products making healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Mindray provides solutions in three core businesses: Patient Monitoring and Life Support, Medical Imaging, and In-Vitro Diagnostics.

With corporate headquarters located in Shenzhen, China, and 40 international subsidiaries around the globe, Mindray has approximately 10,000 employees worldwide. Eight global R&D centers and an industry leading investment of 10% of annual revenue into research and development further demonstrates Mindray’s commitment to innovation and advancing technology in a global market.

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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

Combining robust designs with the latest technologies, Mindray’s chemiluminescence immunoassay products provide professional solutions which can empower laboratories of all sizes with reliable and accurate results. The high quality of Mindray’s immunoassay products speedy results with a proven high quality performance, helping to reduce unnecessary repeat tests. Moreover, Mindray’s immunoassay solution simplifies workflow and reduces manual intervention for all types of clinical laboratories. - CL-900i: High-End Automated Benchtop Immunoassay Analyzer for high daily workload laboratory - CL-1000i & CL-1200i: Automated Benchtop Immunoassay Analyzer for small to medium workload laboratory - CL-2000i: High-End Automated floor stand Immunoassay Analyzer for high daily workload laboratory

Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray provides a number of scalable biochemistry solutions to meet different laboratories’ needs. Our chemistry systems with traceability help laboratories achieve accurate and comparable results. Moreover, the easy-to-use, advanced workflow can maximize cost-efficiency and improve turnaround time. We also offer a provision which can combine biochemistry with immunoassay into an automated serum line to improve productivity further. - BS-240 Pro & BS-360E : A whole new generation of benchtop chemistry analyzer, with smaller footprint, robust functionality, user-friendly designs and long uptime. (optional ISE) - BS-380: Automated Floor Stand Chemistry Analyzer with throughput of 300 tests/ hour (optional ISE) - BS-480: Automated Floor Stand Chemistry Analyzer with throughput of 400 tests/ hour (optional ISE) - BS-600M: Small Footprint 1.2m² with throughput of Photometric 600T/H up to 800T/H with ISE - BS800M: High-End Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer for high daily workload laboratory (inbuilt modular system) - SAL 6000: Integrated Modular System of chemiluminescence (CL2000i) + clinical chemistry system (BS800)

Hematology Analyzer

Mindray’s Hematology products have become proven reliable solutions across the global market. We provide complete solutions for all laboratory sizes, from small to large. With innovative technologies and a focus on high quality, we deliver reliable and accurate results to help medical professionals make accurate diagnoses. Also, our flexible automation systems empower lab clinicians to choose their own optimal solution to improve their workflow and reduce turnaround time. 3-Part - BC-30 Auto Hematology Analyzer: 3-Part Hematology Analyzer with minimum size and maximum capability 5-Part - BC-700 Series Auto Hematology Analyzer with ESR: Above and Beyond Your Expectations - SF Cube fluorescent technology, Optical PLT-H in every CBC + DIFF test & Easy-W ESR - BC-5150 Auto Hematology Analyzer: “CUTE” 5-Part Hematology Analyzer suitable for low-medium daily sample volume - BC-5380 Auto Hematology Analyzer: 5-Part Hematology Analyzer with Autoloader to ease daily workflow in laboratory - BC-6000 Auto Hematology Analyzer: 5-Part Hematology Analyzer with Autoloader suitable for medium to high daily sample volume - BC-6200 Auto Hematology Analyzer: 5-Part Hematology Analyzer with Autoloader, with NRBC in each CBC results and complete with Retic parameter - BC-6800 Plus Auto Hematology Analyzer: Advanced 5-Part Hematology Analyzer for high workload laboratory - CAL-6000 & CAL-8000: New Generation Cellular Analysis Line for Hematology Automation with automated Slide Maker & Stainer - SC-120 Automated Slide Maker & Stainer: Reliable automation, high class blood smear. SC-120 is a standalone unit and it could also be integrated into the Mindray CAL 8000/CAL 6000 cellular analysis line.

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