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Cytiva™ technologies have enabled breakthroughs in science and medicine that have shaped today’s biotechnology industry. With a broad portfolio that includes Whatman® filters and membranes, Amersham™ chromatography columns and resins, tissue culture reagents, and products for sample preparation, blotting, and protein analysis, Cytiva™ advances the discovery and manufacture of therapeutics.

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Make bioprocessing faster, more efficient, and economical Single-use Solutions ; Bioreactors. Scalable bioreactor platform from. process development to full-scale manufacturing ; Fluid management. Stirred tank mixers and components for robust mixing, handling, and storage of liquids

HyClone Cell Culture Media, reagents & Sera

From off-the-shelf cell culture products to custom cell culture services. Explore the Hyclone™ products from Cytiva. Treat your cells to a liquid lunch.


To say culturing cells for therapeutic treatments is important is an understatement. Not only does cell culture contribute towards today’s life-saving therapies, but it fundamentally drives critical research that leads to future breakthrough discoveries tomorrow. At Cytiva, we take this seriously. From off-the-shelf cell culture products to custom cell culture services, our expansive portfolio is designed to accommodate the entire bioprocess workflow.

Protein Research

Amersham ImageQuant 800 systems, with Fujifilm optics and the SNOW imaging mode, allow you to stretch the dynamic range and easily image low and high abundance proteins. Sharp images with the best signal-to-noise ratio, automatically One system, many imaging applications Functional yet flexible design Ideal for multi-user labs

Whatman Filtration

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the greatest impact. Whatman™ seeks to make the world a better place – ensuring our food, medicines, air, and water are safe. The product line, which includes a wide range of filters, devices, and membranes has grown from over 250 years of global expertise as well as a reputation for working the first time, every time. This is what makes Whatman™ lab filtration a trusted brand that delivers – in nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

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