Chemopharm wins 2020 ASEAN Business Award

Chemopharm, an Everlife company, was recently awarded the ‘2020 ASEAN Business Award’ for their outstanding performance in the ASEAN Priority Integration Sector category of Healthcare…..

This award not only recognizes Chemopharm’s social and economic contribution to the ASEAN region but also for their effort and perseverance.

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Chemoscience Phils. Inc. is part of the Chemopharm group of companies, a leading regional provider of products, solutions and services for laboratory, analytical testing, life science and healthcare.

We provide instruments, consumables and services for the scientific research and academic segments, clinical, chemical & analytical, biotech and pharma communities. In Chemoscience, we pride ourselves to support our customers not only in terms of product offering, but to combine our professional know-how in terms of technical and application support for our clientele base, and help to enable their research work.

Laboratory Instrument Solutions

General laboratory equipment, instrumentation and consumables

Life Science Solutions

Reagents and equipment for studies relating to living organisms and their life structure in botany, microbiology and genetics

Lab Furniture System Solutions

Supply of laboratory furniture including lab design, project planning, implementation, maintenance and services.

Value-added Services and Solutions

In Chemoscience, we pride ourselves in supporting our customers not only in supplying the latest state-of-the art products, but also in providing consulting, technical and application support as part of our comprehensive solution offerings.


Ensuring we understand the needs of the customers and we offer the right product and solution fit

Installation and Training

Providing comprehensive installation and training to optimize use of the equipment

Application Support

Providing help in application and methods development to help customers in their research work and use of the equipment


Services to minimize equipment downtime

Chemoscience Philippines

2825 Park Avenue BRGY 075, Pasay City 1302, Manila, Philippines