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Chemopharm / Cole-Parmer (an Antylia Scientific company)

Cole-Parmer, an Antylia Scientific company, is a leading global manufacturer of instrumentation, equipment, and supplies and consumables. Our products have been used extensively from research to process in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, environmental and food & beverage industries for over 65 years.

We pride ourselves with a portfolio of unique industry-leading brands including Cole-Parmer®, Environmental Express®, Spex®, Traceable®, ZeptoMetrix®, and more. We also partner with a select set of key suppliers with industry-leading products.

Discover our range of products to best fits your application needs.

Cole-Parmer® Laboratory Equipment

Cole-Parmer lab equipment is accurate, dependable, durable, and economical—a practical solution for your laboratory. Designed to meet your everyday requirements as well as your budgetary needs, Cole-Parmer products are manufactured with high-quality materials and in accordance with strict guidelines for years of trouble-free operation. We also offer lab equipment from other top manufacturers

Digi-Sense® Precision Test & Measurement

Digi-Sense delivers accurate and reliable measurements where you need it—with your choice of IR and thermocouple thermometers, temperature controllers, moisture meters, light meters, airflow meters, and more.

Jenway Spectrophotometers and Accessories

Designed with your convenience in mind, Jenway life science products offer many innovative features to help you become more efficient and productive. When you choose Jenway, you are ensured robust and reliable data analysis. Front and center of this product family are the innovative Jenway spectrophotometers. These easy-to-use devices provide simple set up and fast navigation with intuitive touchscreen displays. The newer touchscreens, like on the 74 Series spectrophotometers, are fast and responsive even with gloves. CPLive connectivity allow you to keep your data secure and easily accessible with CPLive connectivity—results are automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud. You can transfer and store all your spectrophotometry protocols and results to one place, and effortlessly share with colleagues. Simultaneously manage multiple devices through your free CPLive account, via a tablet or computer. Or, use the CPLive app on your smartphone. Choose from a wide selection of spectrometers, Visible/UV/Visible spectrophotometers, life science analyzers, fluorometers, colorimeters, conductivity meters, pH meters, flame photometers, oxygen metters, cuvettes, and accessories.

Stuart® Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

Stuart is your laboratory assistant that you have always needed. Stuart is strong, versatile, simple, and clean. The best part – Stuart is always ready and eager to do whatever you ask. For decades, Stuart has meant quality and reliability in laboratories around the world. You can always count on Stuart to get the task done.With a wide array of benchtop equipment, Stuart can take on just about any task you ask. From stirring to melting point determination, Stuart has your back.

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