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Nova Biomedical

Nova Biomedical develops, manufactures, and sells advanced technology blood testing analyzers. We employ over 1,400 people, with sales and service subsidiaries in eight countries and distributors in more than 91 additional countries. Nova has manufacturing facilities in Waltham and Billerica, Massachusetts; and Taipei, Taiwan. Nova is one of the 25 largest in vitro diagnostic companies in the world and the largest privately owned in vitro diagnostic company in the United States.

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Nova StatStrip®

Nova also provides handheld meter-and-strip based measuring systems: - Nova StatStrip® Lactate Point-of-Care Measuring System: Nova StatStrip lactate meters for screening, diagnosis and management of sepsis, septic shock and trauma patients. Single-Use Lactate Biosensor Test Strip. StatStrip lactate advanced technology now enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of Sepsis by finger stick capillary blood sampling at the point of care. - Nova StatStrip® Creatinine Measuring System: StatSensor Creatinine, a handheld analyzer and miniaturized, disposable biosensor for whole blood creatinine testing. StatSensor advanced technology now enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by finger stick capillary blood sampling at the point of care.

Stat Profile®

Nova Biomedical is the world technology leader in the development of fast, whole blood analyzers to support the care of hospitalized and critically ill patients. Nova analyzers offer the most extensive stat test menus and deliver results in the shortest time at the lowest costs. - Stat Profile® pHox Ultra: pHOx Ultra to deliver up to 20 critical care tests from one small, 210 microliter sample in only 2 minutes. Other partial test panels are available in less than one minute. Measured tests include: pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2%, Na, K, iCa, iMg, Cl, Glucose, Urea /BUN, Creatinine, Lactate, Hct, Hb, O2 Hb, HHb, COHb, MetHb and tBil. - Stat Profile® pHox: pHOx models combine advanced optics, long-life biosensors, rugged electromechanical design, and computer automation to provide the best clinical and economic value for blood gas and critical care analyses - Stat Profile® Prime: New generation critical care blood gas analyzer that combines the revolutionary micro-electronics of the consumer world with Nova Biomedical’s innovative MicroSensor CardTM technology for a simpler, smaller, faster, and less expensive analyzer. - Stat Profile® Prime Plus: Stat Profile Prime Plus is a comprehensive, whole blood critical care analyser that combines blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, co-oximetry and 32 calculated results in a simple, compact analyser. The analyser combines maintenance-free, replaceable cartridge technology for sensors and reagents with a patented, new, maintenance-free, non-lysing whole blood co-oximetry technology.

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