Radleys have been manufacturing scientific glassware and laboratory instruments for over 50 years and our customers include leading blue-chip industrial and academic research facilities around the world.

  • Established in 1966
  • Based in Saffron Walden, United Kingdom
  • Instrument and glassware manufacturer
  • In-house Research and Development facilities
  • Distributors in 47 countries

Our areas of expertise are focused on equipment for chemical synthesis, process development, work-up and evaporation.

Who uses Radleys?
If you are heating, cooling or stirring liquids, then you can benefit from the technology we offer.

The Radley benefits

  • Increased throughput for improved productivity
  • Savings in time, space and money
  • Better yields and improved results
  • Safer, cleaner and greener working practices
  • Reliable and reproducible results

Lab Reactors and Jacketed Reaction Systems

Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor

* Off-the-shelf, pre-configured Lab Reactors from 100ml to 20 litres
* Custom designed jacketed reaction systems and frameworks from 100ml to 30 litres.

Radleys have been designing and manufacturing scientific glassware for over 50 years. Whether you require a multi-vessel process rig, a small benchtop reactor or a complex parallel set-up, we can assist for your project.

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MYA 4 Reaction Station

MYA 4 Reaction Station

A 4-zone reaction station offering safe and precise heating, active cooling, software control and data-logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry.

One Reaction Station, with limitless possibilities:

  • Four independent zones
  • Magnetic and overhead stirring
  • -30 °C to +180 °C
  • 2ml to 400ml
  • Software control

Parallel Reaction Stations

Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station™

An effective personal synthesis station for parallel solution phase chemistry and solid supported reagent based synthesis.

Key Features:

  • Accepts up to 12 glass tubes with a reaction volume from 1ml to 20ml
  • Powerful, even stirring – fits on to a Carousel stirring hotplate
  • Rapid heating to 220˚C and cooling to -78˚C
  • Quick to set-up and easy to use
  • Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments
  • Removable water-cooled reflux head
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere
  • Fluoropolymer coating for chemical resistance and easy cleaning
  • PTFE caps feature a ‘quick-thread’ for fast attachment to glass tubes

Removable reflux head enables all reaction tubes to be to be removed simultaneously for transfer to a stand or for rapid post synthesis cooling.

Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station™

The Carousel 6 Plus offers parallel chemistry in the most universally accepted chemistry reaction vessel, the round bottom flask. Accepts round bottom flasks, including vessels with one or two sidearms: 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 170ml and 250ml.

Key Features

  • Powerful, even stirring – fits on to a Carousel stirring hotplate.
  • Rapid heating to 180˚C.
  • Quick to set-up and easy to use.
  • Water cooled aluminium reflux head.
  • Perform chemical reactions under an inert atmosphere.
  • Easy viewing of flask contents during experiments
  • 250ml Azeotropic (Dean & Stark) flask option.
  • PTFE caps feature a ‘quick-thread’ for fast attachment to flasks.

Tornado™ Overhead Stirring System

The Tornado allows powerful, controlled mechanical stirring of up to six round bottom flasks when combined with the Carousel 6 Reaction Station; offering unrivalled stirring for both viscous samples and for the dispersion of delicate solids in solution.

Key Features

  • Integrates with Carousel 6 to provide heated and stirred reactions.
  • Rapid heating to 180˚C, with water cooled reflux head.
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere.
  • Accepts 50ml, 100ml and 250ml round bottom flasks.
  • Uses a single overhead stirrer – save space and money compared with multiple set-ups.
  • Compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrer.
  • 2-speed drive allows overhead stirrers with less torque to be used for higher viscosities.
  • Stir to 1,000rpm in low viscosity.
  • viscosity 10,000mPas at 500rpm.
  • Integral polycarbonate safety guard prevents accidental contact with rotating parts.
  • Optional clamp and stand provides added stability during operation.

Benchtop and Hotplate Tools

Findenser™ Super Air Condenser

Replaces water-cooled condensers in over 95% of common chemistry applications.

Findenser Benefits

  • No risk of water leaks and flooding from running water
  • Eliminate the cost of water purchase and disposal
  • For solvent volumes from 5ml up to 1 litre
  • Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

How does Findenser work?

  • Findenser comprises of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminium jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed.
  • The glass condenser design has a greater internal surface area than traditional air condensers, increasing heat transfer capacity.
  • The finned jacket fits around the glass condenser, further increasing the externalsurface area.
  • The result is a ‘SUPER air condenser’

How much water are you wasting?

Water is a precious resource. It makes little economic or environmental sense to waste thousands of litres just to cool a single condenser. Whereas Findenser requires no running water to operate.