Services, Application Maintenance & Support

Our technical support services and solutions range from installation, testing, training to break-fix services as well as multi-year maintenance contract services.

ISO 17025 
-Balance (Any Brand)
-Pipette (Gilson) 

Safety Cabinet (Any Brand) 
-Fume Cupboards 
-Laminar Flow 

Temperature (Any Brand)
-Oven/ Climate Chamber
-Water Bath/ Chiller

-HbA1c Monitoring 
-Beta Thalassemia Screening 
-Blood Gas Monitoring 

Life Science (Any Brand) 
-PCR / Real Time PCR 
-Imaging Device 
-Electrophoresis Power Supply  

HVAC Repair (For Chiller / Freezer / Cooler / Freeze Drying)
-Refrigerant Gas Refill 
-Leak Test 

Other Services
-Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
-UV/VIS Spectrophotometer (Any Brand) 
-Rotary Evaporator 
-Extraction Unit 
-Pipette (Any Brand - In House Certificate)
-Ultra Pure Water Testing (Resistivity Check)