Why do wind companies love lube?

Without lubricants, a wind turbine’s complex mechanics would have a much harder time generating electricity.

Given that some turbines reach as high as London’s Big Ben tower, maintenance, including a simple lube change, can be a white-knuckled experience. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of lubes for wind turbines, we know a thing or two about that.

Nearly 105,000 turbines operate in China. No country has more.

Collectively, technicians will climb these turbines 630,000 times over the course of their 20-year operating lifetime to ensure they’re properly lubricated.

That is unless they use our synthetic, longer-lasting lubricants that can cut consumption in half. Right now, our lube is the go-to choice for about 40,000 wind turbines globally.

Now, imagine if we lubricated all of China’s wind turbines. Not only could that mean fewer trips to the top, it could also be a win for the environment.

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