Mindray – Market Breakthrough Award

mindray award

Chemopharm was presented with Market Breakthrough Award during Mindray 2021 ASEAN Distributor Meeting on 29 Jan 2021 for winning Penang state hematology tender for the first time in Malaysia.

It was indeed a major breakthrough for both Chemopharm and Mindray as there was no penetration of the Mindray hematology system into any state hospital in the past. Many eyes were on this state tender – customers have very high expectations while competitors couldn’t wait for us to fail.

Cruising through the rain and storm, worst of all implementation had to be carried during CMO by our engineers and application team where we couldn’t fly in the Mindray support team. Finally, after much fire-fighting, we have come to a stabilization stage 6 months later. We are also very pleased that the Mindray support team from China also managed to make it to Malaysia end of December 2020. Together with our engineers and application team, we have visited all 6 hospitals to update, verify and fix the analyzers and software with positive feedback from all the hematologists!

I am proud and grateful for our high team spirit! Despite all the obstacles, we managed to push through against all odds.
A very big thank you to: Soo LL, Zoey, Alice, Faris, Mr Lim CH, Adib, YY and Shook Fun for the never-ending commitment!

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Hospitals visitation, 6-21 Jan 2021 with Mindray Support Team from China

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2nd review meeting with 6 hospitals, 20 Jan 2021


Jennifer Looi, Sales & Marketing Manager of Chemopharm Sdn Bhd