Chemopharm won Country of the Year 2020 (QSD) SEA Award


Chemopharm won Country of the Year 2020 (QSD) SEA Award

Year of Rat is indeed a difficult year for every sector. We’ve learnt that things do not always turn out the way we planned. COVID 19 accelerates the trend of transforming our world. The one who succeeds is not the most intelligent but is the one that is most adaptable to change. I am glad to be given the opportunity by Bio-Rad to share our selling strategies in Malaysia during the Kick-Off Meeting.


In the past, we focused on what we do best, developed our own strength which competitors cannot match while focusing on target markets we can dominate. This includes technical support to handle customer’s enquiries in a prompt, knowledgeable and professional manner; lot reservation management from logistic, commercial and product team, and also boost the sales by bundling with Bio-Rad Unity Data Management software which is the key differentiator from Bio-Rad QSD division.  In future, we will continue to be more customer driven to address customer’s pain point. Good relationship with customers and be well prepared for the market changes definitely will bring us one level higher.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone in the Healthcare team and Supply Chain team for being patient and focused on the goal. I am glad that we make such a good team and this award belongs to every one of us in Chemopharm!


Ng Chai Kam,

Product Marketing Manager, Bio-Rad Quality System Division (QSD)