Chemopharm Group is officially the Authorized Distributor for Tamson Instruments products in Malaysia and the Philippines

Congratulations to Chemopharm Group and Tamson Instruments!

We are pleased to announce that as of 8th April 2022, Chemopharm Group is officially the Authorized Distributor for Tamson Instruments products in Chemopharm Malaysia and Chemoscience Philippines.

Chemopharm Group is a multinational corporation that was established in 1976. We provide the turnkey solution to our customers from scientific equipment supply, lab furniture, information management system, installation & technical support, and application to maintenance services for various segments, including Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Analytical, and Lifescience across ASEAN region.

The Oil & Gas division of Chemopharm Group is dedicated to helping customers excel in laboratory testing. That meets the global standards requirement and constantly implements a new and improved way to meet customers’ demands, especially in this continuous technological advancement and transition era.

Tamson continuously invests in new technology. Tamson’s products operate with amazing accuracy, long life, quality, and reliability. As a manufacturer, we continually strive to enhance our products, and we are extending our product range to serve industry needs better. Tamson Instruments is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacturing and supply of petroleum testing materials and equipment. The Tamson range of products is available worldwide through an extensive network of partners. Tamson’s partners can assist the user in the process of purchasing equipment, as well as offering maintenance and service on the Tamson products.

The new partnership with Tamson expanded our solutions in Lubricant, Upstream, Biofuels, Diesel and Gasoline testing, and key solutions, including Foaming Characteristics, Copper Corrosion, Oxidation Stability for Mineral Oil, and many more.

For Tamson Instruments Products:

ASTM D2440 Oxidation Stability
Download here

ASTM D130 Copper Corrosion
Download here

ASTM D892 Foaming Characteristic
Download here

ASTM D2068 Filter Blocking Tendency
Download here

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