SeNSe²: Your Choice of Sulfur/Nitrogen Selective Detector for Gas Chromatography Applications

Join us virtually on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 to discover the next era of Sulfur/Nitrogen Selective Detection for Gas Chromatography Applications: The SeNSe² Chemiluminescence Detector. This exclusive virtual event is brought to you by the Oil and Gas Division of Everlife-Chemopharm Group and PAC – Petroleum Analyzer Company!

Sulfur and nitrogen detection play a crucial role in various processes across multiple industries. In both cases, reporting the total content is not enough; speciation is often a requirement. The SeNSe² Chemiluminescence Detector stands as a testament to innovation and precision – simplifying confirmation of operational status and tuning like never before. 

Be sure to mark your calendar and complete your registration below to have an exclusive look at the SeNSe2. It would be great to have you and your team join!

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Elevate Your Gas Chromatography Game with the All-New SeNSe² SCD and NCD Detectors from AC, PAC – Petroleum Analyzer Company

What’s New?

  • Improved internal design for effortless servicing and part replacement.
  • Automated leak check for unparalleled reliability.
  • G-Cal permeation device for diagnostic precision without disruption.
  • 7 inches touchscreen interface for intuitive operation.
  • Non-stop GC maintenance without vacuum interruption.

Unmatched Performance:

  • Improved sensitivity and equimolarity for precise results.
  • Enhanced stability with %RSD dropping to 2.5% and equimolarity achieving %RSD of 8%.

Join us in celebrating the launch of SeNSe² – the detector that’s raising the bar in chromatography excellence! Explore the brochure for more details.


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