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Twist Bioscience has revolutionized synthetic DNA manufacturing by developing a silicon-based DNA Synthesis Platform to address the limitations of throughput, scalability and cost inherent in legacy DNA synthesis methods. Applying rigorous engineering and AI principles to harness the highly scalable production allowing semiconductor level precision in manufacturing DNA at scale. Twist has industrialized the production of cost-effective, high-fidelity, high-throughput DNA, for a range of NGS panels, Genes, Oligo Pools, Custom Libraries and Variant Libraries, all tailored precisely for your experiment.

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Antibody Discovery

Twist delivers expertise in antibody discovery with phage display using synthetic libraries, in vivo discovery through immunized animals, and AI-aided antibody engineering all from a single provider.

DNA Data Storage

DNA, the newest information technology, is also the world's oldest. DNA data storage is filling the gap between archival technologies currently in use and enduring digital repositories of the future.


DNA Your Way : think bigger, expand your scope and accelerate discovery.

Next-Generation Sequencing

Achieve superior enrichment efficiency with Twist Bioscience NGS Target Enrichment Solutions. Targeted sequencing takes a step forward with an optimized enrichment workflow and easy customization of panel content

Oligo Pools

Twist Oligo Pools are highly diverse collections of single-stranded oligonucleotides synthesized using our silicon-based DNA writing technology. Our synthesis platform enables massively parallel production of hundreds of thousands of high-quality, accurate oligos per run, allowing the generation of complex and diverse oligo pools for use in applications like CRISPR screening.

SARS-CoV-2 Virus Tools

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has led to a rapid response from the viral research and therapeutics community around the world. These research teams need robust and reliable genomic tools to classify and characterize viral samples, and genome engineering tools to build vaccines to help stop the spread of this deadly virus. Twist’s unique silicon-based DNA writing platform allows for the rapid development of NGS panels for viral detection and characterization of samples, and our Clonal Genes and Gene Fragments allow for quick development of subunit vaccines from one or more antigen-presenting viral genes or peptide sequences, which bypasses the need for scientists to handle live and potentially dangerous pathogens, and minimizes the time needed to clone DNA fragments.

Variant Libraries

Identify more hits and streamline screening with precise Variant Libraries.

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