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ProteinTech is the benchmark for manufacturing original antibodies. With an emphasis on developing antibodies from whole proteins, ProteinTech provides researchers with unmatched reliability and reproducibility. Founded by scientists in 2001 after their continued frustration with failed experiments due to low-grade antibodies, ProteinTech is on a path to foster better science by producing the highest quality antibodies for every human protein.

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Antibodies & Immunoassays

Proteintech offers over 15,000 products against 13,000 different proteins. This selection currently covers 2/3 of the human proteome and is self-manufactured and validated for reproducibility, creating unparalleled quality and uninterrupted supply.​

Cytokines and Growth Factors

Human cell (HEK293) expressed cytokines and growth factors with high bioactivity, stability, lot-to-lot consistency, and native human conformation & post-translational modifications.

Nanobody-Based Reagents

Nanobodies are the smallest known antibodies (~12-15 kDa vs ~150 kDa of conventional IgG antibodies). They are the antigen binding domains or variable heavy domain of heavy chain antibodies (VHHs) from alpacas, llamas, or camels. ChromoTek Nanobody-based reagents are thoroughly validated, recombinantly expressed, and ready to use. Due to their size and single chain characteristic, they provide a higher level of performance than conventional IgG antibodies in applications such as immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence, live cell imaging, biosensor assays, and protein purification.

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