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Originally established in 1931, Herzog has a comprehensive line of laboratory instruments for testing atmospheric and vacuum distillation, flash point, vapor pressure, bitumen properties, cold flow properties, viscosity and other physical properties of materials.

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Lubrication oil impacts the reliability, fuel economy, emissions, and maintenance costs of a wide range of operating machinery. Oil degradation leads to higher operating costs and provides important early warnings of problems that can lead to premature and potentially catastrophic equipment failures.


Oil analysis can be conducted both off-line (in laboratory settings) and in-line (on equipment). Lab analysis is accurate, but because samples are tested infrequently and inconsistently, it is difficult to identify serious trends prior to expensive or catastrophic failures. Real-time on-machine oil condition monitoring is a better choice for optimizing equipment performance and life-cycle costs.


Nations and governments worldwide have increasingly looked to renewable fuels as part of the solution to meet the global challenge of climate change and reduce GHG emissions. All transport sectors, whether aviation, marine, heavy-duty or light vehicles, have invested in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, biodiesel, ethanol in the immediate term, and even hydrogen in the longer term. At PAC, we have partnered with industry stakeholders to offer a complete portfolio of analyzers specific to your testing needs for renewable fuels.

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