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JULABO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of temperature control instruments for research, industry and science. For over five decades our premium products have always provided our customers with the exact temperature at the desired time.

With professional expertise and great commitment, we are driving forward the development in temperature control technology and thereby fulfilling our responsibility as a premium provider at the top of the world market. In line with our corporate vision >Superior Temperature Technology for a better Life

Discover our range of products to best fits your application needs.

AWC100 Compact Recirculating Coolers

JULABO recirculating coolers can handle virtually any cooling requirements in laboratories or industrial environments. Their efficiency makes them an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to cooling with tap water. Compact models from JULABO are ideal for placement on or underneath a laboratory bench. JULABO offers several powerful models with up to 20 kW of cooling capacity for applications in industrial environments. Working near ambient temperature. Extremely compact Recirculating Cooler to remove small heat loads. JULABO’s Air to Water Recirculating Cooler AWC100 is an extremely compact solution, designed to remove small heat loads from external systems such as from Peltier-elements. The highly competitively priced AWC100 features a compact footprint and is designed specifically for applications where cooling water can be above ambient and where temperature control is secondary. Your advantages: -Hassle-free operation -Connect, switch on and get started -Small footprint -Virtually noiseless -Economical

Calibration Baths

The JULABO calibration baths are perfectly suitable for applications in calibration laboratories and conform to the requirements specified by DIN ISO 9001. The instruments provide the highest temperature stability to ±0.005 °C and temperature uniformity better than ±0.01 °C. The series includes models with cooling units for working temperature ranges from -30 to +200 °C as well as calibration baths for temperature ranges from +50 to +300 °C. Reference temperature measurements can be carried out with an additional precision reference sensor. This saves the additional costs of a digital thermometer. Your advantages: -VFD COMFORT DISPLAY -LCD DIALOG DISPLAY backlit for convenient interactive operation -Keypad for setpoints, warning/safety values, and menu functions -Many others (Within product website) Calibration Baths comes in different models and specs which enable users to work from different temperature range and situation.

Cryo-Compact Circulators

The new CF series offers compact refrigerated/heating circulators. With small overall dimensions, the units can even be placed on a very small surface or within a complex installation. All models offer a heating capacity of 2 kW and safety class III according to DIN12876-1. The maximum ambient temperature of +40°C as well as ventilation air cooling allows installing the units very closely side by side with other units or directly under a fume hood. Furthermore, all the models feature pump connections for external temperature applications and a bath opening for temperature control of small objects directly in the circulator bath. Wetted parts are made of high-quality stainless steel or plastic. The instruments provide reliable Microprocessor electronics with high-temperature stability as well as warning and safety functions. Our advantages: -Splash-proof keypad -Adjustable high-temperature cut-out, visible via the display -Small overall dimensions for lowest space requirement -Others (Within product website) -Cryo-Compact Circulators are differentiated into two categories, “Economy” and “HighTech”. Different models are available for respective categories.

Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

The pinnacle of temperature technology. Advanced control technology and a small bath fluid reservoir enable highly dynamic temperature control systems to achieve rapid heat-up and cool-down. This gives you the ability to handle difficult temperature challenges quickly. carry two different products that specialized in temperature control. Forte HT High-Temperature Circulators High temperature circulators of the FORTE HT series are designed for temperature control in closed external systems. These compact units have a closed design that prevents the escape of oil vapors especially at high temperatures. PRESTO Process Systems An entirely new generation of highly dynamic temperature control systems by JULABO. The new PRESTO® systems are designed for precise temperature control as well as rapid temperature changes, making them ideal for reactor vessels, material stress tests, or temperature simulations.

Immersion Coolers

JULABO Immersion Coolers are primarily used for counter-cooling when connected to a heating circulator, or for rapidly cooling fluids down to low temperatures. Take advantage of the space-saving design. JULABO Immersion Coolers represent an economical alternative to conventional tap water cooling. The easy-to-use units are suitable for a variety of cooling applications. FT Immersion Coolers JULABO Immersion Coolers are primarily used for counter-cooling when connected to a heating circulator, or for rapidly cooling fluids down to low temperatures. Take advantage of the space-saving design. Different models are available. FD Flow-through Cooler JULABO flow-through coolers are designed for applications below ambient temperature in combination with heating circulators. Advantages are low energy requirements and the avoidance of unnecessary cooling water consumption. Easy handling and a small footprint are additional positives. Different models are available.

Open heating bath circulators

Open heating bath circulators are designed for internal applications in the circulator bath. The models on this page are equipped with bath tanks made of Polycarbonat or stainless steel. Available accessories include a variety of test tube racks, immersion-height adjustable platforms and cooling coils. The circulator can be removed for easy cleaning of the bath tanks. Your advantages - Bright, white, easy to read display - Very quiet - For internal applications The tank comes with two different versions which are made from either high-quality transparent material or stainless steel. Each material has a variety of different models.

PURA water baths

PURA water baths stand for a straightforward and safe working in the laboratory. The high-quality water baths offer a temperature stability of ± 0.15 °C 2). The working temperature range of +18 °C to 99.9 °C 1) allows a wide range of applications, such as routine laboratory work, temperature applications for samples, incubation, material testing, corrosion testing, temperature control applications of cultures as well as temperature tests of food and beverages and in the dental field. 1) with counter-cooling/bath cover (accessories) 2) with bath cover (accessories) All models (except PURA 4) come with an integrated drain screw for quick and clean draining of the baths. PURA water baths can be used flexibly and can be easily transported through ergonomic side recessed grips. Non-slip rubber feet ensure a firm footing and more safety in the laboratory. The units are splash-proof, feature a (membrane) keypad and temperature display (LED) for ease of use. There are no disturbing parts inside the bath so that the entire inner surface can be used to safely temperature-control even small sample containers. Advantages: -Easy operation -Bright display -Mains switch is protected against spray water -Integrated protection against running dry -Integrated drain screw (except PURA 4) -No distracting elements in the bath -Platform included as standard -Integrated timer -Non-slip rubber feet -Ergonomic recessed grips -Bright, white, easy to read display -USB connection

Refrigerated / heating circulators

For working temperatures from -50 °C to +200 °C Refrigerated circulators from JULABO temperature control their applications efficiently and hassle-free. High heating/cooling capacities guarantee short heat-up and cool-down times. The refrigerated circulators are available in various sizes and performance classes for flexible use in individual temperature applications. You can use the units for external or internal temperature applications at any time. The design of every refrigerated circulator is made for easy and time-saving operation. The detachable venting grid allows unavoidable dust to be removed quickly. With the practical drain tap on the front of the units, you can cleanly drain the bath fluid directly on site. Model-dependent handles or castors make transport easier and enable a change of location at any time. A typical application of our refrigerated circulators is the temperature control of external, closed consumers, such as photometers, refractometers, viscometers, etc. In parallel, smaller objects can be temperature-controlled directly in the circulator bath. Your advantages: - All products feature user-friendly, intuitive operation - Extra bright displays, easy to read from a distance - State-of-the-art control technology for quick and highly precise results - Many professional functions for adjusting control paramenters, temperature calibration, temperature profiles etc. - For bath tanks with a max. filling volume of 50 liters

SW Shaking Water Baths

For working temperatures from +20 .... +99.9 A shaking water bath from JULABO offers optimal convenience for the user with a spray water-protected membrane keypad and a bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) for indication of up to four different values. Cutting-edge microprocessor technology with PID temperature control ensures optimal temperature stability in the water bath. Adjustable upper and lower temperature warning functions protect the samples. Low liquid level triggers a full shutdown. JULABO shaking water baths are suitable for continuous unsupervised operation. The bath tank and all parts that contact the bath liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel. Your advantages: -Working temperature range from +20 to+99.9 °C -User-friendly operation via keypad -Bright LED-Display -Splash-proof design -Power switch integrated in keypad (patented) -High temperature stability of ±0.2 °C or ±0.02 °C -Dry-running protection with audible and optical alarm -Warning and cut-off protection for high/low temperature -Adjustable shaking frequencies from 20 to 200 RPM‘s in SW models -Convenient bath drains -Removable bottom plate and shaking insert -Lift-up bath cover (optional) -Wide selection of accessories for temperature control of samples -All wetted parts are made of stainless steel or high grade plastics

Ultra-low refrigerated / heating circulators

For working temperatures from -95 °C to +150 °C JULABO ultra-low refrigerated circulators for heating and cooling. The units are suitable for external temperature applications with simultaneous operation in the bath tank. The units provide particularly high heating and cooling capacities for rapid heat-up and cool-down times even for large volume, external systems. 'FP' models offer proportional cooling control to ensure energy-saving performance and to reduce heat generation to the environment. Models with the designation ‚W‘ are water-cooled. With handle or castors to allow easy transport. With drain port for conveniently draining the bath fluid. The units offer an improved insulation to prevent ice-formation and have a filling level display. Typical applications: Temperature applications to jacketed reaction vessels, autoclaves, miniplant installations, kilo labs, freezing point determination, calibration at low temperatures, petroleum testing, etc.

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