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iNtRON Biotechnology

iNtRON Biotechnology is a global biotechnology company with a complete Bio-Value Chain for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. They are a premier manufacturer of molecular biology reagents and kits in the international market which has been used worldwide. Products include DNA prep kits, RNA prep kits, PCR premix, transcription and translation kits, Western Blot detection reagents, and protein extraction kits.

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Cloning Kits and Reagents

For TA and Blunt Cloning, Competent cells, Mutagenesis

Genomic Extraction

- Plasmid, Genomic (Total, Plant, Stool, Urine etc.) - Total RNA Viral & Patho RNA Plant RNA miRNA Buffer & Column - Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

PCR Kits and Reagents

- DNA Polymerases - 2X Master Mix, PCR PreMix, DNA Ladder & Others - RT-PCR: PreMix cDNA Synthesis Others - qPCR: SYBR Green TaqMan Probe qRT-PCR - Transfection PCR & Real-time PCR Prevention & Antibiotic for Mycoplasma

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