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Horizon Discovery engineers modified cells for research and clinical use with gene editing tools. Dharmacon, now part of Horizon, provides RNA interference tools and cDNAs/ORFs for over-expression. Dharmacon also offers genome-scale libraries for RNAi screening of genes, microRNAs, and long-non-coding RNAs

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Gene Modulation Reagents

Gene modulation refers to the process of temporarily altering gene expression levels without making heritable changes to the underlying cellular DNA. The most common gene modulation techniques involve silencing gene function (knockdown) via RNAi or CRISPRi techniques, or increasing expression (activation/overexpression) via cDNA, ORF or CRISPRa techniques. Horizon offers a wide selection of trusted reagents for both gene knockdown and activation.

Gene Overexpression

Ectopic gene expression is an important tool for gene analysis and protein science, offering insight into gene function at multiple levels. Gain-of-function experiments often result in phenotypic changes which can provide the counterpart to loss-of-function studies, such as gene knockdown. Gene expression constructs, such as cDNAs and ORFs, are commonly used to over-express a protein of interest to be analyzed for effect on cellular phenotype, intracellular localization, or for the isolation and purification of a protein for further study. This schematic demonstrates a gene expression construct being translated and expressed in a eukaryotic cell. Once in the nucleus, the cellular machinery recognizes the promoter, transcribes the protein coding sequence into mRNA and translates the protein. The resulting gene product can cause alterations in phenotype, be purified for further processing or to be tracked via localization to better understand protein function.

Reference Standard for Assay Validation

Controls to closely mimic any patient sample • FFPE • Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) • Formalin-compromised DNA (fcDNA) • Genomic DNA (gDNA) • RNA Fusions

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