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Charles Ischi AG

Charles Ischi AG operates in international markets selling products of Kraemer Elektronik GmbH and Charles Ischi AG. Kraemer & Ischi tablet testing systems can be found in research, quality control and production for:

-veterinary products
-oral hygiene
-electrical technology
-washing and dishwashing products
-industrial press products

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LAB.line (Laboratory Testing System)

Hardness Testers manual The HC6.2 is the fusion of a simple manual tablet hardness tester and the highest quality! Hardness Testers semi-automatic ā€œPā€ stands for Parameter. And 3 parameters of up to 20 tablets is what you can measure with it. P-Series ā€“ semi-automatic! Friability + Abrasion Testers Friability & Abrasion tester for tablets with one testing station. Disintegration Testers Easy user interface, soft-start feature and magnetic coupling baskets. Semi-Automatic disintegration tester with one station. There are different models for respective categories of tablet & capsule testing equipment for laboratories. Smart, compact, space-saving.

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