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Bioer Technology

Bioer is a leading manufacturer of PCR systems and Peltier cooling systems used in PCR systems. Based in China, they offers a range of high-quality products, including thermal cyclers for PCR and Real Time PCR, water baths, dry baths, NA extraction, genomic reagents, qPCR systems, and molecular diagnostics POCT systems.

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Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

• NPAs-9600 Automatic Nucleic Acid Processing Workstation • GenePure Pro, magnetic bead-based NA extraction system

Dry Baths

• ThermoShaker • Mixing Block • ThermoQ • ThermoCel

Real Time PCR Systems

• Quantgene 9600 • LineGene 9600 plus • LineGene K Plus • LineGene Mini S • LineGene Mini

Thermal Cyclers

• GeneExplorer, GeneMax, Gene Touch, GeneQ, Gene Touch Plus • Life Touch, New xp, Life Eco

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