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Advanced Instruments is dedicated to increasing productivity and ensuring quality in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and food & beverage industries.

Anoxomat provides a flexible, easy-to-use system that creates exact, repeatable bacterial growth environment while Advanced Instruments Dairy Testing instrument confirm pasteurization and identify milk alteration to ensure product quality.

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Anaerobic Jar Systems

Streamline workflows, save money, and improve the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation. Automatically and easily create exact, repeatable environments to keep clinical and microbiology labs productive. For the growth of anaerobes, microaerophiles, and capnophiles, the anaerobic jar systems from Advanced Instruments are an excellent choice. Explore the system components below to learn how.

Dairy Testing

Ensure consistent quality while meeting production demands with the dairy testing solutions from Advanced Instruments. Our expertise in the dairy analysis industry results in a continuously expanding portfolio of products designed to overcome your dairy testing challenges. From the rapid confirmation of pasteurization with our Fluorophos ALP assay to the early detection of milk alteration with our cryoscope, laboratories in this space can confidently maintain quality, regulatory compliance, and productivity. We also demonstrate our commitment to your needs by providing milk preservative options when a short sample analysis turnaround time and refrigerated storage conditions might not be available. Take a look at the products below to find an Advanced Dairy Testing Solution for your facility.

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