BioCal™ Weighing Balances Calibration Service

BioCal™ Weighing Balances Calibration Service is accredited by SAC-SINGLAS

Electronics balances may drift from their calibrated state over time because of changing conditions within the balance or its environment. Hence balances should be calibrated periodically and BioCal™ on-site calibration service guarantees you with:

  • Highest accuracy in balance adjustments using only OIML Class E weights
  • Detailed reports with calibration standards & environmental traceability
  • Setup for lowest possible measurement uncertainties
  • Participation in interlaboratory proficiency testing
  • Full service transparency through frequent external audits
  • Trained technicians for optimum support & prompt service

We provide on-site calibration for all major brands of Precision, Analytical, Semi-micro, Micro and Ultra Micro Balances.

Calibration is always performed using OIML Class E weights certified by National Metrology Centre. By using the finest quality weight sets, we ensure calibration of your balances is performed using weights of class tolerance factor equal to or better than that recommended by the balance manufacturers.

To maintain the lowest possible measurement uncertainty for our weight sets, we calibrate them periodically and monitor the mass stability of all our weights in use. Any weights found defective at the time of re-calibration or subsequent verification are retired and replaced with new weights.

Prior to performing any calibration tests, we ensure our weights are acclimated to the ambient conditions of your laboratory. Corresponding changes in air density can affect the accuracy of our measurements and therefore, buoyancy correction is always performed for balances under test with readability equal to or better than 0.01mg.

Our site calibration team is also trained to identify potential issues that may affect the performance of your weighing balances. Where required or requested to, our site calibration engineer will help to identify the best places to re-locate your weighing balances and assist with any recommendations for any remedial actions needed to be carried out to improve the weighing performance of your balances.

BioCal™ Accredited Weighing Balance Calibration Service includes:

Comprehensive Functional Checks & Fault Identification

  • Visual inspection of room ambient conditions
  • Confirm balance’s control functions are operative
  • Thorough cleaning of balance housing, draft shield & weighing chamber
  • Disassembly of weighing pan for thorough cleaning and treatment of rust/corrosion

‘As Found’ Calibration

  • Reports linearity calibration results before adjustment

SAC-SINGLAS Accredited ‘As Left’ Calibration

  • Test and confirm accuracy of balance’s built-in motorized calibration weight
  • Adjustment to balance via weight matching procedure
  • Reports calibration results post adjustment
  • Testing for Off-Center Load Error, Repeatability, Hysteresis & Linearity

BioCal™ Quality Assurance Commitments

  • Testing only with OIML Class E weights for reduced measurement uncertainty
  • Adjustment to micro and ultra-micro balances using only OIML Class E1 weights
  • Air buoyancy corrections for all balances with readability equal to or better than 0.01mg
  • Attestation of service competency via Proficiency Testing Programs with National Metrology Centre