BioCal™ Heating Blocks (Dry Bath Incubators) Calibration Service

BioCal™ Heating Blocks Calibration Service is accredited by SAC-SINGLAS

Heating blocks or dry bath incubators provide controlled dry heat environment for working with samples in test tubes, cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, 96-well plates, etc. The three most important parameters of a heating block are accuracy, uniformity and stability.
Calibration of your heating block or dry bath incubator at appropriate intervals will allow you to know if the instrument can meet your accuracy requirement, where are the hotest and coldest spots on the reaction block or does it maintain a consistent temperature suitable for your incubation needs.

We provide on-site calibration for all brands and models of heating blocks or dry bath incubators. Calibration is performed using dynamic multi-channel temperature acquisition instruments. Mean temperature is derived from at least eight sampling positions across each reaction block.


To ensure that the temperature distribution on your reaction block is accurately mapped, we make certain adequate logging time after the block temperature has stabilized and back all measurement results with a reliable record of time-temperature data.

Our calibration team is also trained to identify potential issues that may be the cause of temperature variations during the testing process. Where required or requested to, our site calibration engineer will help to identify the best places to re-locate your heating blocks or dry bath incubators and assist with any recommendations for any remedial actions needed to be carried out to improve the thermal performance of your instrument and optimize its use.

BioCal™ on-site calibration service guarantees you with:

  • Highest accuracy in temperature mapping for your heating blocks
  • Detailed reports with calibration standards & environmental traceability
  • Setup for lowest possible measurement uncertainties
  • Participation in interlaboratory proficiency testing
  • Full service transparency through frequent external audits
  • Trained technicians for optimum support & prompt service

BioCal™ Accredited Heating Blocks (Dry Bath Incubators) Calibration Service includes:

Functional Checks & Cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning of reaction blocks & machine heated surface to ensure good thermal contact
  • Confirm instrument’s control functions are operative

SAC-SINGLAS Accredited Calibration

  • Thermal measurement up to 100°C
  • Temperature accuracy test with readout resolution of 0.01°C
  • Temperature uniformity check via simultaneous measurements of at least 8 sampling positions across the reaction block
  • Reports calibration results for Temperature Deviation, Uniformity and Mean Temperatures at all sampling positions

BioCal™ Quality Assurance Commitments

  • Ensure adequate logging period post stabilization of block temperature
  • Back all measurement results with a reliable record of time-temperature data
  • Frequent validation of our sensors to ensure a high level of measurement confidence
  • Attestation of service competency via Proficiency Testing Programs