BioCal™ Centrifuges Calibration Service

BioCal™ Centrifuges Calibration Service is accredited by SAC-SINGLAS

Centrifuge systems should have periodic checks for rotational, timing and temperature consistencies. Designed with moving parts, pivots and seals, your centrifuge systems are subjected to normal wear and tear. Through regular calibrations, you will have the knowledge of how your centrifuge is performing now and over time, and will also have greater confidence that successful sample processing is taking place every time you use the system.

We provide on-site calibration for all brands and models of bench-top centrifuges.

BioCal™ on-site calibration service guarantees you with:

  • Highest accuracy in speed, time and temperature testing for your centrifuge
  • Detailed reports with calibration standards & environmental traceability
  • Setup for lowest possible measurement uncertainties
  • Participation in interlaboratory proficiency testing
  • Full service transparency through frequent external audits
  • Trained technicians for optimum support & prompt service

Our experienced calibration engineers are not only certified to accurately measure the speed, timing and temperature performance of your centrifuges, they are also trained to detect functional or wear-and-tear issues with your centrifuges. Our pre-calibration protocols include cleaning of rotor bowl and sample holders, lubrication of rubber seals, pivots and bucket grooves, functional inspection of brake system and a standard visual check of all sensitive parts.

Additionally, if your centrifuges are subjected to long term exposures to aggressive chemicals, corrosive spots on rotors and buckets may be unavoidable. Such corrosions result in imperfections on the rotor surfaces and can also cause subtle misalignment between the rotor and motor shaft.

Occurrence of corrosions, coupled with residues commonly left in rotor bores, can further impede the centrifugation performance of your system, resulting in reduced speed accuracy. Our site calibration engineer will work closely with your laboratory to identify such issues and assist with any recommendations for any remedial actions needed to be carried out to improve the speed performance of your centrifuge and optimize its use.

BioCal™ Centrifuges Calibration Service helps you understand the performance of your centrifuges in terms of:

Mean Speed ~ the average speed of the rotor rotation

Timing Deviation ~ difference between the setting and the actual in term of time recorded

Chamber Temperature ~ the average temperature within the rotor chamber during centrifugation

Sample Temperature ~ the average temperature of the sample post centrifugation

BioCal™ Accredited Centrifuges Calibration Service includes:

Functional Checks & Cleaning

  • Confirm centrifuge’s control functions are operative
  • Cleaning of rotor bowl and sample holders
  • Lubrication of rubber seals, pivots and bucket grooves
  • Functional inspection of brake system
  • Standard visual check of all sensitive parts

SAC-SINGLAS Accredited Calibration

  • Speed measurement up to 20,000 rpm
  • Timing measurement up to three timing sets
  • Chamber and sample temperature accuracy tests with readout resolution of 0.01°C

BioCal™ Quality Assurance Commitments

  • Back all temperature measurement results with a reliable record of time-temperature data
  • Frequent validation of our reference standards to ensure a high level of measurement confidence
  • Attestation of service competency via Proficiency Testing Programs