BioCal™ Bottle-Top Dispensers & Burettes Calibration Services

BioCal™ Bottle-Top Dispensers & Burettes Calibration Services adhere to ISO 8655 calibration standards

We are a leading provider for Calibration, Repair and Restoration of bottle-top dispensers & burettes, regardless of the manufacturer. We offer complete clean up of your instruments, aimed to insure smooth, trouble-free and accurate dispensing of liquids for your processes.


BioCal™ cleaning service ensures the correct operation of your instruments and prevent:

  • Retarded piston movement due to liquid deposits
  • Crystalisation along the cylinder walls
  • Accumulation of liquids in the screw cap or connecting nuts
  • Stuck valves
  • Leaky valves causing incorrect filling or bubbles during filling

BioCal™ calibration service guarantees you with:

  • Highest accuracy in dispenser/burette adjustments
  • Detailed reports with equipment & environmental traceability
  • Setup for lowest possible measurement uncertainties
  • Participation in interlaboratory proficiency testing
  • Full service transparency through frequent external audits
  • Trained technicians for optimum support & prompt service

BioCal™ Accredited Bottle-Top Dispensers & Burettes Calibration Services include:

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance

  • Complete disassembly & cleaning of piston cum cylinder
  • Thorough inspection for corrosions & functional checks
  • Extensive leak test for valves
  • Repair with spare parts support (all major brands)

‘As Found’ Calibration

  • Reports calibration results before adjustment

SAC-SINGLAS Accredited ‘As Left’ Calibration

  • Reports calibration results post adjustment
  • Statement of conformity according to manufacturer’s or ISO 8655 specifications

BioCal™ Quality Assurance Commitments

  • Guaranteed repairs using only original manufacturers’ parts
  • Three months repair service warranty
  • Attestation of laboratory’s competency via Proficiency Testing Programs