The Success Story of APEX GASGEN

Article from: APEX GASGEN

With our previous work with RAL Space and our medical applications in IVF, Apex Gas Generators was asked by another manufacturing partner to consult and create a system for their new technical development that allows for the measuring of the flow of a molten metal. This development could drastically reduce the overuse and wastage currently inherent to other systems.

The technical difficulty passed to the Apex engineers, was that the system needed nitrogen to improve the life and performance of the machine by more than 300%. This Nitrogen had to be of the highest purity 99.9995% had to be free from water otherwise the instant vapourisation could reduce the accuracy of the systems or even cause damage. The other challenge was the volume of this high purity “clean” nitrogen – this system was a gas guzzler requiring 25LPM. These reasons considered is why Apex was chosen, not to mention the decades of experience in providing Laboratory and medical grade systems, along with building custom systems.

Apex took this opportunity to expand its range from our Microgen – the smallest high purity generator on the market into the newly christened Macrogen systems.

The engineers at Apex always relish a challenge. The physical size of this system leads to the stacking approach in-order to fit all the components into one case. The client had one final requirement of this system that it was only to have 3phase power available to it. All the nitrogen systems have some similar necessities for this new Macrogen system, that now include the need for 3phase power, 240V AC circuits and a 24V circuit.


After the initial development and testing of the Macrogen and converting the electrical systems for our current 110-240V ranges, our Lab partners have expressed an interest in using the system to provide high purity clean nitrogen for their array of GC lab analyzers, in order to replace the collections of nitrogen generators and bottles they currently have.