PURELAB Chorus 3

Modular. Flexible. Reliable.
Reliable delivery of Type III water purity
When general laboratory grade water is all you need, then PURELAB Chorus 3 is a reliable solution with the flexibility to suit your requirements. With a range of storage reservoirs designed to maintain the optimum purity of stored purified water in a choice of 15, 30, 60, and 100-liter capacities.


Configuration Ability to configure multiple systems to increase the flow rate.
Simplicity Simple to install, operate, and maintain a clear indication of water purity.
Auto Rinse Maintains the purity of water during periods of low use.
Economical Optional CO2 removal from the purified water (post-RO) increasing the life of downstream consumables. Option to reduce water consumption for low hardness feed waters.
Modular Multiple PURELAB Chorus 3 units can feed into one reservoir and systems can be expanded post-installation. As such, the cost of future upgrades is minimized. Duplex systems also guarantee maximum uptime.

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