Multipette® M4

Aspirate once and dispense up to 100 times

Serial pipetting made easy! The mechanical Multipette M4 is the ideal precision instrument for completing long pipetting or dispensing series. Even liquids which are difficult to pipette are no match for the Multipette/Combitips® system. Volumes are dispensed using the positive displacement principle. The liquid is directly dispensed without an air cushion, ensuring the correct volume is always dispensed regardless of the density, viscosity and volatility of the liquid.

Product Highlights:
-Fill the tip once and dispense up to 100 times without a refill
-Automatic Combitips® advanced recognition eliminates time consuming volume calculations
-Easy-to-read display guarantees stress-free and intuitive operation
-Dispensing volume is clearly displayed
-Integrated »Sleep« function switches off when the Multipette M4 is not being used, thus reducing energy consumption
-Stress-free work via integrated step counter: dispensing procedures can be continued error free after an interruption or distraction
-Wide dispensing range: 1 µL to 10 mL for flexible operation
-Fully emptied Combitips® advanced Tip can be easily ejected with one hand using the operating lever
-Perfect for viscous or foaming solutions and liquids with high vapor pressure through positive displacement principle
-Safe handling of toxic, radioactive or infectious material

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