Mastercycler® X50

Whilst PCR applications have propelled from one dimension to the next, PCR cyclers have in principle remained the same. To address the needs of the future, we present the Mastercycler X50 family.

The Mastercycler X50 family consists not only of the thermal cycler, but includes software option control, service tools/plans and also, optimized for ‘Fast PCR’ consumable options.

Product Highlights:
-Heating rate: up to
-Wide selection of blocks from a fast silver block to 384 well block
-VisioNize touchscreen interface
-Innovative 2D-Gradient for advanced PCR optimization
-X50 with Touchscreen can control up to 9 other units (connected cyclers do not have a touch screen interface)
-flexlid® concept: automatic height adjustment of the lid allows you to use all types of consumables
-Small footprint
-2 Year warranty

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