The ergonomically optimized cone geometry provides the optimal pipette fit on the Eppendorf pipette.

I.P.S. pipette tips can be used universally, including pipette models from other manufacturers

Product Highlights:
-Fine graduations make visual checks of the pipetting volume even easier
-Long, narrow tips reach the base of narrow and high vessels without touching the top of the vessel edge
-Fine retracted or extended tips simplify work with small volumes
-Available in purity grades of: Eppendorf Quality, PCR clean, Eppendorf Biopur®
-Color-coded trays make volume identification and allocation of Eppendorf pipettes easier than ever
-Disposable Racks in slim new epT.I.P.S. design, reclosable, optimized for safe stackability, in sterility packaging compliant to DIN EN ISO 11607 and DIN EN 868-2-10

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