Powered by mass spectrometry and CyTOF technology (, mass cytometry elevates cell analysis with a level of speed, precision, and reproducibility not enabled by other single-cell platforms. CyTOF XT ( utilizes antibodies tagged with transition metal atoms to label specific protein on cells, quantifies the transition metals using time-of-flight mass spectrometry. It further enhances the capabilities of mass cytometry with workflow automation that simplifies sample processing and data acquisition.

Together with the CyTOF XT system, Fluidigm Maxpar® reagents and protocols along with our Maxpar Panel Designer tool provide all you need for ground-breaking and cost-effective experiments that reveal systems-level biology at single-cell resolution.

Product Highlights:
-METAL ISOTOPES: Mass cytometry employs heavy metal isotope tags to simultaneously measure multiple cellular targets. High-purity metallic isotopes ensure minimal background from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components.
-CHANNELS: Helios expands the mass cytometry range to 135 channels ensuring comprehensive studies today, and flexibility to scale in the future as new metal tags are developed.
-PANELS: Fluidigm offers metal-tagged antibodies as individual reagents and in preassembled kits targeting specific applications, which can be combined to build high-dimensional proteomic panels for profiling cellular systems.
-RESOLUTION: Helios uses time-of-flight (TOF) technology to focus isotope tags into discrete, finely resolved bands.
-THROUGHPUT: Helios is barcoding enabled. This increases throughput while improving data quality, allowing you to analyze more experimental variables simultaneously.

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