CellXpert® C170

CellXpert® C170i or C170 cell culture incubator – What is the best choice for your needs?

The C170 is the more economical, basic version of the C170i. If you need, e.g. more future flexibility, O2 control, copper interior, humidity monitoring, advanced documentation, user management, or if you have a requirement for 180 °C disinfection – the C170i is recommended.

Product Highlights:
-Up to 25 % more space: Fan-less design, smart racking system and innovative insulation concept
-Easy to handle: New magnetic door locking concept for outer and inner doors
-Easy cleaning and disinfection: Seamless chamber, easy disassembling
-Effective contamination protection: 140 °C High Temperature Disinfection (HTD), no internal HEPA-filters
-Enhanced vibration and turbulence protection: fan-less design

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