µTASWako ™ i30

µTASWako i30 (Micro Total Analysis System) is the world’s only system for the automatic measurement of the biomarkers AFP-L3 and DCP.

Both markers, AFP-L3 (lectin-reactive alpha-fetoprotein) and DCP (des-gamma-carboxy prothrombin), are used to assess the risk of developing primary liver cell carcinoma (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC).

µTASWako i30 integrates various immunoassay steps in microfluid microchips. Individual tests can be performed in just 9 minutes.

Main features

– Use as an in vitro diagnostic agent
– Electrokinetic Analyte Transport Assay (EATA)
– Highly sensitive fluorescence detection
– Available analytes: AFP / AFP-L3 and DCP
– Assay precision: less than 3% CV for AFP-L3
– Throughput: 25 tests / hour

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