The PURELAB® Chorus 1 delivers type I+/I ultrapure water for laboratories that need high volume of water. There are 3 variances available to meet all the quality requirements for the most critical applications. When general laboratory grade water is needed PURELAB® Chorus 2 is a reliable solution with flexibility to suit quality and volume demands. It provides type II pure water from the tap. PURELAB® Chorus 3 provides type III general grade water direct from a potable tap source for general water requirement in such as glassware rinsing, heating baths or feed to type I water systems.



  • PURELAB Chorus 1: ultrapure water for critical applications
  • PURELAB Chorus 2: for your pure Type II+/II solutions
  • PURELAB Chorus 3: for your general grade laboratory solutions
  • Halo Dispense Solutions: three remote dispensing and monitoring solutions
  • Storage Reservoirs: designed to accommodate PURELAB Chorus water purification systems

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