ChemoOneLab Solutions

Technical Support Services and Solutions

Our Scope

  1. To offer One Contact Point solutions in providing Maintenance and repairing for all laboratories equipment/devices in your lab.
  2. To provide alerts to end user on equipment which is due for maintenance.
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Equipment such as:

  • Analytical Equipment (AAS, Balance, Centrifuge, Fat Extraction, Hotplate, Kjeldhal, HPLC, Microscope, Microwave Digestor, Oven, Portable Meter (pH, Conductivity, DO, Ion), Rotary Evaporator, Water Purification System.)
  • HVAC (Chiller, Cooling Incubator, Freezer, Freeze Dryer
  • ISO17025 Calibration (Balance & Gilson Pipettes)
  • Life Science Equipment (Electrophoresis Power Supply, PCR, Realtime PCR, Imaging System)
  • Safety Cabinet (Fume Cupboard, Laminar Flow, Biosafety Cabinet)
  • And many more

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