PAC is a leading global manufacturer of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications in industries such as petrochemical, refinery, upstream, biofuels, environmental, food & beverage, lubricants, automotive and pharmaceutical. With a product portfolio of over 200 testing instruments, PAC serves its customers with cutting-edge technology and significant research and development resources to support its core technologies: chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, fuels composition, and laboratory automation.

PAC corporate strength is built upon the quality of our product lines, our powerful technology team, and our commitment to customer support. PAC an industry leader in standards development, and we work tirelessly to establish benchmark procedures that scientists and analysts around the world rely on every day to build better products and a cleaner environment. PAC operates as a unit of Roper Technologies, Inc., a diversified technology company and a constituent of S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and Russell 1000 indices.

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Letter of Business Partnership of Chemoscience and PAC

Message from Mr. CA Ooi, Chairman of Chemopharm Group

“Over the years, Chemoscience Singapore and its parent company, Chemopharm have been supplying to oil and gas companies – from exploration to refining to laboratory testing with scientific, analytical and laboratory equipment, and has established itself as a reliable and trusted supplier for such products and solutions.

The oil and gas industry will continue to evolve and innovate in terms of exploration and extraction, in refining and new products and in new methods of testing and analysis to meet new regulations and standards. Customers’ expectations will also change with higher demand for product innovation, quality and experience.

In this context, Chemoscience Pte Ltd (Singapore) is pleased to announce that it has signed up a distributor agreement with PAC, the Global leading manufacturer of products and equipment for use in research and quality testing in the oil and gas industry. With the establishment of this strategic partnership, PAC and Chemoscience will further strengthen our position as the go-to and trusted partner of choice for the oil and gas industry to source for innovative and quality products for their research and testing needs, pre and post-sale services.”