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Ziath’s 2D Rack scanners are intuitive to use, reliable, robust and popular across the world for biobanking, compound management and all other sample tracking applications

The range of scanners run from a simple single tube scanner through rapid and small rack readers up to large and flexible multirack readers. We design, make and support our own readers so you can be assured of knowledgeable and quick support.

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DataPaq Mirage
The most compact camera based 2D rack scanner available. Setting new standards for 2D barcode rack scanners. Easy to set up and easy to use.

DataPaq Cube
A rapid and robust camera scanner to scan SBS racks and Cryboxes, quickly and reliably. Ideal for flexibility and high throughput.

DataPaq Express
The smallest SBS rack reader on the market, ideal for high-throughput applications and integration.

DataPaq Single Tube
An easy to use, robust and cost-effective single tube reader.

DataPaq Express-NMR
The New Express-NMR reader can read 2D barcoded-NMR tubes from Brucker and Norell and uses a novel inverted format to achieve this.

DataPaq Handheld Tube Reader
A truly portable scanner which can be held and operated in one hand.

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