Newton 7.0 – Bioluminescence & Fluorescence Imaging

The NEWTON 7.0 system combines high sensitivity with advanced animal-handling features and user-friendly time-saving operation. The NEWTON 7.0 proprietary optics have been specifically developed for macro imaging with high light collection capacity, incorporating a unique combination of high numerical aperture and long working distance. Bright fluorescence observation can be performed in a rapid scanning mode that shortens exposure times and minimizes specimen damage. Observation is thus possible even with slight body movement. The fast lens is also ideal for luminescence applications requiring longer exposure time.


  • Proprietary V.070 lens with f0.70 aperture
  • 1” scientific grade CCD camera
  • Bioluminescence detection: femtogram level
  • Fluorescence detection: picogram level
  • Visualization and tracking of tumor development or disease progression in the living animal
  • Signals overlay so that several reporters can be visualized simultaneously
  • In vitro and in vivo cells migration tracking
  • Signal quantification

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