Fusion FX- Chemiluminescence & Fluorescence Imaging

The FUSION FX is ideal for quantification grade imaging. Chemiluminescent Western blot data poses distinct challenges in producing quantifiable, reproducible data. These problems stem from a low-dynamic range of detection and the difficulty in accurately determining the limit of detection. The FUSION FX eliminates all these issues thanks to its High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) camera technology which delivers reliable dynamic range, linearity, and sensitivity for the lowest limit of detection. With the HSR, the FUSION FX reduces the various sources of noise to the lowest floor level and the signal can stand out from the surrounding background.


  • Unrivaled custom made lens f/0.70
  • Scientific grade CCD camera
  • Grade 0, zero defect
  • Image resolution: 10 megapixels
  • Native resolution: 2160×2160
  • -90° C maximum cooling differential from ambient
  • -65°C absolute and regulated cooling via a double cooling system & four stages Peltier thermoelectric cooler.
  • Interchangeable Application Pads for excitation with UV, Blue or White light sources
  • Spectra Capsules innovative concept for a customized choice of up to 7 powerful filtered optic light capsules
  • Steel and stainless steel darkroom
  • High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) technology
  • USB-3 connection – 16-bit – 65 536 grey levels

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