Eutech pH Tester


General: Ideal for quick and accurate pH checks in pools and spas, aquariums and hydroponics operations, or anywhere frequent pH testing is required.

Industrial: Use for cooling towers, food processing water testing, and process/wastewater testing in metal finishing, photo development, printing, and chemical industries.

Educational: Useful in schools, many laboratory applications, and ecology studies.

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  • Large Display Screen – dual display LCD for enhanced readability, provides comprehensive meter information
  • Waterproof, Dustproof Housing – IP67 rated, maintains the integrity of your tester even in harsh conditions. Plus it floats!
  • User-Replaceable Sensor – reuse the same meter body many times
  • Double Junction Sensor offers longer-lasting usage
  • Push-Button Calibration with Auto-Buffer Recognition – quick, easy calibration with no calibration mistakes
  • Choice of USA or NIST pH buffer standards with up to 3 points
  • Auto-Power Off saves battery power after non-use
  • Hold Function freezes reading momentarily for easy viewing
  • Self-Diagnostic for easy troubleshooting (e.g battery indicator, message codes)
  • Enhanced power saving allows extended power consumption up to 500 hrs with a single battery set


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