Spark® Cyto

Spark Cyto is a multi-mode plate reader with fluorescence imaging and cytometry capabilities, unlocking new possibilities for your cell-based research. By combining live cell imaging with industry-leading detection technologies, you now have the ability to unite qualitative and quantitative information into unique multi-parameter data sets.

Your cells don’t stay static when you leave the lab, so your research requires a dynamic instrument that ensures you never miss a key event. Spark Cyto works in real -time, using parallel data acquisition and analysis- to deliver meaningful insights faster than before.

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A dedicated optical set-up for live-cell cytometry in microplates

The Spark Cyto fluorescence imaging module is designed to deliver crisp images with minimal user intervention. Using three different objectives, five LEDs (bright field and fluorescence excitation), a multiband filter set, and a 12-bit CMOS camera, Spark Cyto eliminates pixel shift and delivers high quality images in a flash.

Whole well imaging of 96- and 384-well plates

Spark Cyto allows you to image a whole-well in a 96- or 384-well plate with one single picture, giving you insight into every cell in every well. Using a proprietary patent-pending wide field of view technology Spark Cyto obtains high quality whole-well images, without suffering from stitching artifacts or edge-to-edge image contrast. This gives you a complete picture of your cell population in less time, allowing you to drive your research in new directions.

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