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The best just got better. The SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP Ready is equipped to conquer your laboratory’s most complex workflows and opportunities. With this LC-MS/MS system, you have the sensitivity and performance to meet analytical and regulatory demands for low-level trace detection with ease.

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Product Highlights:

  • QTRAP Ready – Activating your license through a quick and easy process opens up your SCIEX Triple Quad to a world of possibilities with MS/MS confirmation, enhanced selectivity with MRM3, and other valuable scan types
  • Turbo V Ion Source – Extraordinary robustness and superior performance across a wide range of compounds
  • OptiFlow Turbo V Ion Source – Upgrade to the OptiFlow source for low-flow analysis. It is robust and simple to operate, with a flow-rate range of 1 -200 µL/min
  • HED Detector and High Capacity CEM – Increased productivity with fast polarity switching of 5 msec enabling up to 6 orders of magnitude of linear dynamic range

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