Ion Mobility Spectrometry

SelexION® Differential Mobility Separation

Leap Ahead with an Extra Level of Selectivity with the SelexION® Differential Mobility Separation Device

LC-MS/MS assay development can be challenging, particularly for analytes that coelute with contaminants or become buried within background noise. The SCIEX SelexION Differential Mobility Separation device (DMS) provides an extra level of selectivity so you can resolve difficult analytes and achieve higher confidence in detection and quantitation.

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Product Highlights:

  • Provides a robust and reproducible additional level of selectivity and separation
  • Installs and de-installs within 2 minutes without breaking vacuum
  • Can be operated in a transparent mode for those assays where ion mobility is not required
  • Can be used with optional chemical modifiers to further increase separation power
  • Compatible with select SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP®, and TripleTOF® Systems
  • Compatible with a variety of ion sources including the NanoSpray® Source and the Turbo V™ Source
  • Compatible with fast UHPLC timescales

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