Echo® MS System

The SCIEX Echo® MS System, which uses Acoustic Droplet Ejection technology and an Open Port Interface (OPI) coupled to the high-sensitivity SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500+ System, is capable of dramatically reducing analysis time, as well as reducing the need for sample preparation.1 This allows PK study data to be available the day samples are prepared, giving researchers faster access to this  important data (Figure 1).

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Product Highlights:

  • Integral to the Echo MS System is the high-sensitivity SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+ System for meeting sensitivity requirements
  • Good quantification limits were achieved with all three simple sample preparation techniques that were explored, meeting the needs of many routine bioanalysis studies for throughput and cost
  • Very high reproducibility of analysis obtained even out of untreated plasma
  • Exceptional speed and low carryover of Echo MS System combined with simplified sample preparation demonstrated here make this an efficient and fit-for-purpose bioanalysis platform

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