Ultra-pure Bulk Media

SepaFlash Media are extensively applied on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals, natural products and petrochemical industries for separation and purification. Santai can provide optional bulk media and offer a wide variety of specifications to better satisfy the requirements of different users.

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The advantages of Ultra-pure Silica

  • Ultra pure silica, very low metal content.
  • Tight particle size distribution and high batch-to-batch reproducibility.
  • Higher surface area provides greater separation power.
  • Stable water level content and neutral pH


The advantages of Ultra-pure Bonded Phases

  •  Ultra pure silica, very low metal content.
  •  Tight particle size distribution and superior separation.
  •  Greater loading capacity.
  •  Consistency reliability and high batch-to-batch reproducibility.
  •  A wide variety of sorbents to better satisfy the requirements for different users.

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