Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 6 Embedding Console System

An embedding center that pursues ease of use for anyone at any time

Equipped with a 4.3-inch color touch screen that allows easy operation with one fingertip and the status of the device at a glance. By operating with the icon, you can set the temperature and timer without hesitation.

  • You can set a timer for each day of the week according to your workflow. By using the timer operation, you can start the embedding work without waiting for the warm-up time.
  • The brightness of the LED lighting can be easily changed by simply touching the main screen.

Consideration for specimen safety

  • For LED lighting, the brightness that suits the work environment can be selected from 5 levels of brightness, improving the visibility of the specimen.
  • The white hot plate, which does not easily reflect light, reduces the strain on the eyes during work.
  • By pressing the cleaning mode button, you can easily clean the inside of the tweezers holder where sample waste tends to collect.
  • By using the optional magnifying glass, you can easily check the sample even when embedding a small sample.

The flexible design that supports the embedding work and the wrist rest that supports the hand enable stable embedding work. The wrist rest and cushion can be removed or combined to your liking.

  • The cryomodule can be placed in a position that is convenient for the customer (either left or right).
  • By attaching a handle to the heating tray, it can be easily removed from the heating tank, making it easier to carry the tray and clean the inside of the heating tank.

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