Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus Automated Slide Stainer

Achieves efficient and speedy staining

  • Tissue Tech Glass G2 ・ Connection with film
    Automatic encapsulation device Glass G2 ・ Connection with film is possible. Whether or not to connect to the encapsulation device can be set in detail for each program. Chemical
  • solution management by barcode
    Tissue Tech stain series, the chemical solution name, expiration date, and lot number can be read with a barcode reader and managed as chemical solution information. It can be used for traceability of dyeing results together with the dyeing result report (read on CF card).
  • Expansion of tank color setting function
    Can select the tank color from 50 colors on the monitor. Visibility is improved because multiple dyeing programs can be associated and set.
  • Selectable number of sheets to be processed, simultaneous processing of multiple dyeing methods
    Standard chemical solution container (60 sheets), small chemical solution container (20 sheets), special dyeing chemical solution container (10 sheets), and 3 types of chemical solution containers can be used. It supports a wide variety of sample processing numbers, such as 10 sheets / 20 sheets / 60 sheets (20 sheets x 3). By using a small chemical solution container, simultaneous staining with various combinations such as HE stain + Pap stain, HE stain + special stain, Pap stain + special stain becomes easy.


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