Tissue-Tek® Glas ™g2, Automated Glass Coverslipper

Connected encapsulation device that enables unification from dyeing to encapsulation

  • Connection with Tissue Tech Prisma Series*
    Connection with automatic dyeing device Prisma Series is possible. We propose further labor saving by unifying dyeing and encapsulation.
  • Large-capacity storage
    Up to 420 sheets can be processed per hour, and up to 12 baskets (240 slide glass sheets) of enclosed slides can be stored. You can save the trouble of collecting the sliding glass every time, and you will not stop working.
  • Encapsulation accuracy
    The encapsulant is drawn and dropped according to the size of the cover glass and the unique encapsulation operation minimizes air bubbles and encapsulant stains.
  • Bar code reading function (optional)
    Slide information can be automatically acquired by installing a dedicated barcode reader (optional).

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